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Farhad Hussain

I, Me & We ( code: PAN114001 )

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SGD 3,200
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about the artist

Born in Jamshedpur, 1975, Farhad Hussain’s paintings are a mélange of vibrant colours. Farhad bases his works on the realities of human relationships and their subtle complexities. Farhad has chosen to use tempera on cloth for his works, the media allowing him to achieve the desired vibrancy of colours. Meticulous planning in the composition and layout is the beginning of a process that leads to more spontaneous and intuitive forms. Farad was the 2004 recipient of the Nasreen Mohamedi scholarship. The Indian Art College Art Exhibition also awarded him the prize for best watercolour in 1998.

    Acrylic On Canvas

  • YEAR:


  • Size:

    61 cm x 61 cm