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Akkitham Narayanan

Untitled ( code: PAN106001 )

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SGD 12,800
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about the artist

Born in Kerala, 1939, Akkhitam Narayanan studied art at the Madras College of Art and Craft, under the tutelage of the noted painter K.C.S.Panicker. Developing an indigenous art became a pivotal issue for Akkitham Narayanan while he was staying in Delhi during mid 60s. In late 60s, he went to Paris on a scholarship to study art. His eventual decision to settle down in Paris had a great impact on his work. His canvases became more refined. Irrespective of the medium, he experimented with colors and formal rhythms. Collapsing the figures into minimal forms, he naturally arrived at the field of geometric patterns, forms and shapes. Triangles, squares and circles, like individual instruments in a musical ensemble, started falling in place. Creative experiments that spread across almost four decades have refined his visual linguistics.

    Oil On Canvas

  • YEAR:


  • Size:

    98 cm x 132 cm